<the nonprofit>

our mission

To help community-based organizations committed to building a more equitable society discover how technology can be used to boost their impact

our vision

A just future realized through the social, economic, and political empowerment of all people

our philosophy

To us, a just future is empowering all people with the resources they deserve. This means equitable access not limited to: education, healthcare, social services, financial services, the democratic process, and frankly, a whole list of other things that are probably missing from this list. We believe that equalizing access to resources is the first step in reforming institutionalized injustices.

Problems that affect different communities can only be solved if members of those communities are an essential part of conversations and decisions that directly affect them, and we want to support like-minded organizations using the skills we’ve developed in the for-profit tech industry. Does our philosophy and mission align with yours? Do you have thoughts on how we can better serve you? Did we miss an important item in our equitable access list? We’re here to listen.

<the founders>

Marianne Feng


Marianne graduated from UW Foster’s Business School with a degree in IS and Supply Chain Management but knew she was interested in software development thanks to an introductory computer science course. After college, she worked at Expeditors International, helping to build backend systems using a variety of tools, as well as working closely with the Business team to build prototype websites. Her next job was at Level 11, where she honed her skills even further using leading-edge technology to help build large distributed systems under tight deadlines. Marianne is a talented software engineer with a deep interest in helping nonprofits and social organizations use tech to solve big problems.

Jessi Shank


Jessi started their career in technology while acquiring a B.S. in Physics & Astronomy doing research. After graduating from UW, they worked at Expeditors International for 2 years as a Developer in Test, learning Python working on a test automation framework. They then moved to Level 11 for a job as a Site Reliability Engineer. While working for Level 11, they gained expertise in developing tools for infrastructure management, orchestration systems, and continuous delivery. They are eager to use their highly specialized skills to affect positive change on pressing issues.

our history

We were corporate software engineers, solving difficult problems at a leading-edge tech consultancy firm. However, we wanted to do more. We wanted to make a positive impact on the most pressing issues we saw—inequity for people, animals, and our planet. We didn’t have a clue on how to solve these problems, but we knew that thousands of you out there did.

Ten-Forward is a 501c3 founded in early 2018 in order to partner our experience and expertise in bleeding-edge technologies with your organization as you work tirelessly to build a better society. You’re making your organization’s vision a reality. We’re making sure the right tech gets into your hands to supercharge the process.

<the board>

Audry Bernal


Jessi Shank

Vice President

Lexie Petznick


Jenn Fritschy


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